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Composer Biography

Matt Gates has a background as a classicaly trained composer (B.M. Music Composition, Summa Cum Laude, The University of Arkansas, SMPTV Advanced Studies, University of Southern California). Matt began composing film scores in 2004 while still in college. He wrote additional music for established composers as well as scoring numerous student films. While studying at USC Matt composed primarily orchestral music, focusing on a neo-romantic style in the vein of John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith. However, through scoring dozens of indie features Matt has embraced a more varied and modern approach to scoring that includes a diverse pallet of sounds.

Gates' classical background isn't the first thing you hear in his music; First and foremost is an insistence on memorable melodies and themes, second is a clear sense of drama and a simplicity that is aimed at making the music serve the drama and story. Both of these aspects are strongly supported by well crafted arrangements and thoughtful orchestrations.

Matt grew up programing his music into synths and samplers and is especially skilled at creating orchestral scores that combine samples, synths and live musicians. Although he is a classically trained orchestrator who's recorded live musicians all over the globe, with today's hectic schedules and shrinking music budgets he is well known for his ability to create convincing hybrid orchestral scores in his North Hollywood studio at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to record with large scale orchestras. Matt is a prolific composer for TV, indie films and documentaries as well as video games. A partial list of his credits can be found here:


University of Arkansas B.M., Music Composition, Summa Cum Laude 4.0 GPA - topped Ranked Senior 2004 Pacific North West Film Scoring Program Summer 2003 University of Southern California Advanced Studies Certificate, Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television May 2005 ASCAP Film Scoring Work Shop Summer 2005

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